If you’ve ever had a major appliance emergency in your home or business, you know the value of knowing a reliable and skilled appliance repair and service company. If you live in or near Cleveland, Ohio and you’ve never called PHOENIX APPLIANCE REPAIR Cleveland before, we would like to welcome you to the world of worry-free appliance repair.

We are a family owned and operated appliance service company that has been serving Northeast Ohio area since 1980. Years of experience allow us to perform our job quickly and well. We can save you a lot of money by repairing your appliances instead of replacing them at a greater cost.
Appliance Repair Cleveland specialize in the repair and maintenance of all brands of major appliances. You can rely on us when important items in your house got broken

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We offer prompt, courteous, and professional service from the moment the phone rings until the call is completed. e offer expert technical advice to people who are trying to repair their own appliances.

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From washing clothes by hand in the 1800’s, to steam-driven commercial machines in the 20th century to electric and computerized washers and dryers today, technology has improved capacity to care for our clothes…

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Fridges and stoves are pretty much the most important appliances in any home today. Fridges and stoves are pretty much the most important appliances in any home today….

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if you have a problem with your REFRIGERATORS you are probably worried. Don’t worry, we know how important kitchen appliances are to you and our team can repair them for quickly

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At PHOENIX APPLIANCE REPAIR LLC, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of products.

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The qualified professionals of PHOENIX APPLIANCE REPAIR LLC have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to assure appliance would be repair safely without damaging them.

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You may think you’re saving time, water or energy by cramming more clothes into your washer and dryer. But the manufacturers list a maximum load weight for a good reason. If you overload a top-loading washer, you can fry the drive belts or break the drive coupler ($150 repair bill). And, overloading can also cause socks and underwear to float over the basket. Then they get sucked into the pump and wreck it. That service call will cost you $115.If you overload a front-loading washer or dryer, you can burn out the rear bearing or motor. That repair is so expensive that you’d be better off buying a new machine. In the dryer, the extra load weight not only takes longer to dry but also wears out drum support rollers and drive belts (up to $250).
Weight limits range from as little as 6 lbs. to as much as 15 lbs. for top loaders and about 18 lbs. for front loaders. So consult your owner’s manual and find the load limits for your machine. Then grab an armful of clothes and stand on a scale to get an idea of just how much your machine can handle.

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